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Award from the German Design Council

German Innovation Award 2022 - we are the winner!

The German Design Council presented us with the award for outstanding innovation performance on May 24, 2022 in Berlin for our "SupplyLine - The first i4.0 solution for container handling of chemicals in the category - #W2 Excellence in Business to Business - Chemical Industry." "The German Innovation Award recognizes cross-industry products and solutions that differentiate themselves primarily through user-centricity and added value compared to previous solutions."

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Dispensing System

Dispensing Systems

AS QC-System. The smart handling of liquid chemicals:quickly connected – safely dispensed.

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Makes containers smart and chemical handling safe. For more sustainability across the entire supply chain.

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Products for chemical plant contruction

Products for chemical plant construction

We develop and produce fittings, devices and valves from ultrapure plastics. Many customised solutions have developed into standard products over the years.

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Customer Experiences

A. L.

Engineering / Industrialisation

schülke is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Air Liquide Group and one of the global market leaders for infection prevention. With more than 1000 employees and at 22 international branches, the company mainly develops and produces disinfectants, antiseptics, preservatives, biocides, medical skin care products, deodorant agents and system cleaners.

"The QC-System is the best and most comprehensive solution on the market - handling, variants, safety, support, everything fits. We see particular strengths of QC in the hygiene area and with hazardous substances. In the explosion-risk zones, dispensing is much easier and safer and the acceptance of the operators is without exception very good.

Above all, we were positively surprised that AS took time from the first moment to find the best solution. Especially in interaction with raw material suppliers, AS is very well networked, and this three-way relationship worked perfectly for us. ”

Pia Thörnblom

Materials and Process Engineer

"GKN Aerospace Sweden develops and manufactures advanced engine parts for aircraft as well as spacecraft. We also do engine maintenance and overhaul. Some parts go through our etching and pickling plant in which we use a process solution that consist of a combination of Nitric acid and Hydrofluoric acid.

Since safety, health and environment are key issues to our business we have been looking for a safe way to add Hydrofluoric acid into our process tanks. Our chemical supplier recommended us to get in contact with AS Strömungstechnik, and that's how we found out about the QC-System (Quick Connect System). We have used the system for about a year and it works beyond expectation. The system performs really well so we have plans to expand its use further to other processes and chemicals."

David Driesen

eSDS Product Regulation / Chemical Preparations & Application

"Agfa-Gevaert produces in their site in Heultje fine chemicals which are used especially for the manufacture of films. To produce those chemicals many liquid ingredients are needed.

Because of the new regulations imposed by the European Chemical Agency ECHA concerning Strictly Controlled Conditions, transport of intermediates into a reactor had to be executed in a closed-loop system. Therefore, Agfa had to look for a system to follow those new legislation.

Concerning the use of intermediates in a liquid state, Agfa now uses the QC-System (Quick Connect System) of AS Strömungstechnik to empty all kind of drums (plastic, metal, composite) in different volumes.

AS is a recommended company because they can produce in function of the demand of the customer followed by an excellent service afterwards. They made us very happy with their way of working and we wish them therefore many clients in the future."

Robert Andersen

Project Engineer / Lean Leader

"BLÜCHER Metal A/S produces Drainage Systems in Stainless Steel sold under the brand name “BLÜCHER”. All our products go through our Pickling Plant where we use mixed acids containing HNO3 and HF. We have a high focus on Safety and Environment therefore we have been looking for a more safe system for pumping the Pickling Acids from IBC to the bathes, especially when changing from one empty IBC to a new one. For continuous dozing we need to pump to three different bathes at the same time, but not necessarily in the same amounts.

After some search and help from our acid supplier we found the QC-System (Quick Connect System) from AS Strömungstechnik. AS solved the problem for us. As a supplement we also have bought and implemented a Quick Connect System for high speed dozing for use when we set a new pickling bath. We have been using the system for some months now and the operators are very pleased with it. They feel safer which was the goal of the project from start."

Robin Ehlers

Team leader Production / Fermentation

E-nema is a globally active company which produces insect-pathogenic roundworms and a range of additional biological plant protection agents based on microorganisms.

"With the QC-System we were able to reduce the odor nuisance of several pH corrective products for our fermentation processes to a minimum. Since we place great value on the protection of people, the environment and our production facilities, the drip-free QC-System dispense heads are perfectly suited for our purposes. Because of the possibility to customize hose connections, the QC-System can be used in many applications around our facility."



Since it was founded in 1987, the family-run company has developed into a corporation with numerous business partners around the globe.



AS is proud of its team of committed employees, who also think outside the box and actively participate in the high quality of products and services.



Customers from all kinds of industries, from the chemical to the semiconductor or automotive industry, place their trust in AS products and solutions.

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